5 Tie Dye Clothing Essentials for Festival Season

Festival season is quickly approaching, which means you need to pack your bag with stylish outfits to wear. One thing I always do is go on Pinterest to look for the latest trends and ask my friends for their opinions. I don’t like to buy something too expensive that might get ruined. I prefer to purchase something versatile that I can wear in different ways. And what better way to dress for a festival than in tie dye! Here are our top 5 tie dye clothing essentials you need for your festival wardrobe:

  1. Band Tee
    band tee is a clothing item you can pair with denim shorts or a cute mini skirt. I personally love to tie it in the front with a hair tie and flip it under the shirt to give it a cropped look. You can also layer a band tee if it’s chilly or raining with a flannel, cardigan, or jacket.

    woman wearing tie-dye band t-shirt

  2. Denim Jacket
    Denim jackets are a must have when going to a concert. You can wear this tie dye clothing over your shirt in cool weather or around your waist when it’s hot. I like to wear a denim jacket around my shoulders when I’m standing in the sun for too long and forget to wear sunscreen to protect my skin from getting burnt or over my head in the rain to stay dry.

    woman wearing bleach dye denim jacket

  3. Lounge Set
    Maybe you are more of a “glamper,” and you like to be comfy and cozy at night. If you’re staying at a hotel or even camping out in a sleeping bag, a lounge set is easy to slip on for sleeping. You can even dress up your lounge set and wear it all day during the festival when you pair it with sandals or your favorite pair of tennis shoes!

    woman wearing tie-dye loungewear set

  4. Ankle Socks
    Ankle socks are so versatile because they can completely change the look of an outfit. I can wear the same pair of socks all day and night, even if I want to completely change the rest of my outfit. I love wearing cool styles on my socks even if nobody can see them but me! Ankle socks go great with any sneaker and are so comfy you’ll never want to take them off.

    woman wearing tie-dye ankle socks

  5. Scrunchies & Headbands
    If you have long hair, scrunchies and headbands are fantastic accessories to bring with you to festivals to keep your hair in place, away from your face, and keep you cool when it’s hot outside. When you’re dancing and jumping around, you’re not going to want to worry about your hair getting in the way. Slick it back with your scrunchie or headband into a pony, half pony, or even a cute braid! And if you love to match your accessories to your tie dye clothing, our tie dye scrunchies and headbands come in a variety of colors!

    girl wearing tie-dye headband and scrunchie set

We hope these suggestions help you decide what to wear on festival day. When in doubt, less is more. Bring a few essential items that can be worn multiple ways. You don’t have to go all out with your outfit. Sometimes the best outfits are the most simple and easy. Still not sure what you should wear during festival season? Browse through our tie dye clothing to find the perfect festival outfit!

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