Focusing on Sustainability: Our Dye Colors and Materials

Did you ever wonder what your clothing is made out of or what the dye from your clothing is made from? Sure, sometimes you’ll look at the care instructions when you wash your item after wearing it, but you may not be thinking about how the dye will affect the water lines in your home or the environment. Well, we’re here to let you know before you buy one of our tie-dyed items to help ease your mind! Keep reading to learn more about the sustainability of our dye colors and materials.

About Rit Dye

We use Rit dye to make all of our merchandise, which is mostly derived from cotton. Rit dye is 100% non-toxic, and this company specifically states that when sourcing ingredients, they avoid using priority chemicals, or ingredients that can cause serious effects to your health or the environment. Rit dye is also 100% vegan and does not test their ingredients or finished products on animals. This means that their dye is completely safe for anyone of any age, pets and babies included, and, of course, the environment.

tie-dyed shirt with bottles of rit dye

What is in the dye colors we use then you might ask? Rit uses a combination of various acid, disperse and direct dyes, and with sodium chloride (aka salt water) to create their dyes. When rinsing your tie-dye item, rest assured that the dye we use is also safe to be flushed through the sewer and septic systems in your house.

Using Cotton Fabric

100% cotton material label on shirt

Now onto the fabric: cotton. Cotton is a plant-based, natural fiber that is absorbent, eco-friendly, and durable. While not all of our products are 100% cotton, most are mainly composed of cotton or are a cotton mix with other fabric, such as spandex or polyester.


So, rest assured that not only are our tie-dye products made from a sustainable material, but that the dye colors we use to tie-dye our products are also sustainable as well. When buying a handmade item (or in this case hand-dyed) that is a bit more expensive than at the store, you want to ensure that the finished product will last for some time and not get ruined after use. Not only are our clothing and accessory products eco-friendly, but they will last you for years to come!

We know how important sustainability is when it comes to your clothing and the choices you make. Are you ready to find some stylish and eco-friendly clothing in a variety of dye colors? Check out our tie dye items now!

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